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Here's throat has never been considered a sin

The restaurant “Il Bassotto” works products zer0 km from Alta Valle del Reno, offers a menu particularly attached to these mountains with a never-ending culinary research for the recovery of the ancient local tradition. Stone Biomilled Ancient Grain Flours, chestnut flour produced and milled in the Apennines, organic eggs, seasonal fruits and vegetables, local meat from Apennine farms is always present on our menu. At our restaurant you will also find the King of cheeses, the Parmigiano Reggiano which in our Apennines is classified as Parmigiano Reggiano Prodotto di Montagna orgoglio and true gastronomic excellence of our territory.

Our wine list is simple and limited to the wineries of Emilia Romagna with a focus on organic without sulfites such as the wine of the Apennines nosrtro the 629 Tera Creda

“Come live like me”
Seasonal menù with local products from our Appennino

Sarters € 7

“Tacos” of the Appennino
(Chesrnut flour with crunchy vegetables and egg sauce)
Raw milk Pecorino with fruit an honey
Organic spelled with Parmigiano Reggiano and seasonal vegetables
Toasted bread with raw milk cheese, mortadella and zucchini

First courses € 12

Chestnut spaghetti
Organic wheat flakes with aubergines and nutmeg
“Quasimodi” pasta with turkey ragout with sweet Albana wine
Organic “Farfalle” with beetroot pesto, carrots and crispy bread

Second courses € 12

Chestnut an curry turkey strips with shallots and polenta wafer
Pork bites with black Rhine beer, celery and green beans
Chicken breast escaloped with “Roman Rose” apple juice, mint and bacon
Vegetable fritters with crunchy salad

 Sweets € 5

Chestnut pancake with blueberry jam and cream ice cream
Cup with yogurt and fresh fruit
Appennine biscuits with “Cagnina” wine
Ricotta cheese, spelled, chocolate and melon

Cover charge and service € 3

Request Day’s Menùfirst and second course and sweet € 25,00 excluding drinks

List of allergens: Gluten and related products, eggs and related products, celery and related products, milk and lactose and related products, nuts, sulphites – in case of allergies and intolerances, please inform our staff.

Restaurant “Il Bassotto” always fresh products at zero km, express cuisine, healthy and genuine

Once a month special dinner with “La Crescenta di Lizzo “

Follow the events in the section “Themed Evenings”

Information and reservations

* No dishes for celiacs are prepared

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