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Bathing Pool

A swimming pool as you've never seen

Inside the wellness center of the Hotel Santoli, directly connected to the Terme di Porretta, could not miss an area dedicated to water with a special technical pool with whirlpools exclusively dedicated to relaxation and well-being of the body, with water heated to 35 °.

Many jets to stimulate all parts of the body

In fact our pool is not a common hydro-massage, but a tank full of sensations to be experienced: each station emits different types of jets (air and water) with different degrees of intensity to be tested in three different positions (sitting, standing and lying down).

Through this process you will find not only the preferred one, but all parts of your body will be requested and massage.

Not only hydro but also aeromassage

Inside the pool of Hotel Santoli there are special beds and hydromassage, air massage is to “airbed”, dedicated to fitness and relaxation in water, a hydrobox equipped for the total involvement of the lower body, through vertical air massage and hydromassage combined side, a water-bubble capable of producing a large bubble of water that results in a vertical massage all over the body and creates a pleasant and energetic swirl, a shower head that creates a spectacular waterfall shower-massage and hydromassage for a back massage, foot and air massage bench and finally heads for the swan neck area.

Technique in Pool area’ll find the angle vitalized water for a well-being that comes from the power of the stones and the Cave of the Himalayan Salt with chromotherapy and Orgone energy.

N.B.The use of the wellness centre and the technical swimming pool is allowed only to people over 16 years old.

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