Because we are Eco Friendly

Discover the pleasure of being in a "green inside" hotel

It may be because we were born and raised in the lush forests of the Apennines, but for us the environmental issue is perhaps even more felt than for others.

We are absolutely proud to embrace an eco-green philosophy, believing that a more prudent and profound respect for the environment has long been no longer just a wish, but a real imperative and indelible need.

What we do for respect for the environment

So many ways to take care of our Earth ...

For electricity

We have built a thermal power plant consisting of a gas cogenerator that optimizes resources, producing electricity, combined with a condensing boiler and the installation of latest generation photovoltaic panels.

Down with consumption

We have chosen a low consumption and environmental impact LED lighting system. In addition, all our taps are equipped with a water-saving system of the supply flow.


All the staff collaborate with our family to ensure separate waste collection and we inform our guests for a more responsible and environmentally friendly stay.

Eco compatible products

Attention to the environment also passes through the purchase of cleaning products, which is why we have equipped ourselves with a line of eco-friendly detergents and detergents. The courtesy set is also 100% natural made in Italy, based on olive oil

Local cooking

The restaurant “Il Bassotto” has been committed for years to the purchase of raw materials from more than 40 farms in the area, guaranteeing not only the freshest and wholesome dishes, but also the promotion of agro-food excellence, with a view to developing sustainable tourism.

Electric cars and bikes

We have “Palina”, a station to recharge the electric car, supplied by the Repower company: it allows the simultaneous charging of two vehicles, has two type 2 sockets (Mennekes), with power up to 22 kW.
At our hotel you can also rent and recharge your e-bike!

For all this commitment we have also been certified as a “green hotel inside”.
We will be happy to host you in Porretta Terme, surrounded by beautiful nature… to preserve together! Come and visit us!