No Covid-19

Without giving up the pleasure of a stay of relaxation and fun, in perfect style Hotel Santoli.

We have reviewed many aspects of our hospitality, so that we can ensure that every moment of your stay at Hotel Santoli can be a pleasant and safe experience.

The safety and serenity of our Guests come first.

Some of our measures concern for example:

Staff training
Specific training for all our staff, aimed at minimizing any possibility of contagion
Staff certification
Periodic monitoring of the health status of our staff and their immunization status
A service organized so as to guarantee adequate spacing and avoid contamination
An accurate and attentive service, in which every dish will be served at the table, maintaining the highest quality of our gourmet dishes.
Room sanitization
To the traditional cleaning, a special sanitization of each surface will be added, carried out daily, to offer maximum guarantee. The washing and disinfection of the linen will be certified.
Sanitization of the Spa and the Pool
The common areas dedicated to relaxation and well-being will be managed so as to offer greater distancing and continuous sanitization
New services and opportunities
From the appennini view dinner on the balcony of your room to the room service for breakfast: all room services will be made to measure and without supplement
Simplified procedures
For check-in and check-out most of the administrative operations can be carried out online, limiting physical contact as much as possible
More flexible reservations
Greater freedom in choosing the dates of stay and in the possibility of moving your booking without penalty
Free garage parking space
A plus dedicated to those who prefer to travel by car, avoiding public transport