The path of memory

From Ronchidoso to Guanella

THE GOTHIC LINE Ronchidoso, Montecastello , Guanella.

It is a route equipped unchanged inserted into a natural environment, with historical and tourist signs that now allows you to visit the sites , which were among the 1944-45 theater of war, where signs are still important for understanding the history of the twentieth century and for the preservation of the historical memory of our country. Recall that in Monte Castello was fought a long battle , which was attended by the battalions Brazilian FEB ( Forca Expeditionaria Brasileira ) , which ended in February 1945. Project ” Gothic Line ” , through to recovery of the German defensive positions , the location symbol of the presence of the allied army and territories where the greater was the presence partisan ( partisan Brigade freedom and Justice ) and the contribution of the civilian population , seeks to safeguard the historical memory of these places and pay tribute to all those who came here from all corner of the earth . Ronchidoso ferocity German left an indelible mark . Montecastello fù stronghold east of the defensive system on the German Gothic Line II in control of the state Porrettana 64 (Pistoia -Bologna) . The hill , the site of an ancient and powerful medieval castle, was for months the main objective of ” praçinhas ” Força of Expedicionaria Brasileira (FEB ) , which left many dead . At the foot of Monte castello , in the resort Guanella , is a giant marble monument dedicated to FEB, carried out by the Brazilian sculptor Mary Vieira.

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